Hakka Patterned Bands in Hong Kong – 1976 RASHKB article

Elizabeth L Johnson wrote an article about “Patterned Bands” in the New Territories which was published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch, Volume 16, 1976. [HF: I have been unable to copy the Chinese characters which appear in the article.] The article begins: These notes on a form of peasant textiles are based on research conducted in Kwan […]

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Dickson and Hopson: the Tales of Two Handbag Companies

Dickson And Hopson, Two Handbags Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Dickson and Hopson: the Tales of Two Handbag Companies Dickson and Hopson are two players in the handbag business in Central with similar sounding names and over half a century of history but catering to two different segments – the earlier focused on the higher end clientele while the latter caters to the mass market with its own […]

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Phonographs, Gramophones and Record Companies in Hong Kong

HF: Can anyone provide further information about these aspects of the music industry in Hong Kong? I am especially interested in the history of record companies in Hong Kong HF: Chunny Bhamra lived on Lamma Island, Hong Kong for many years but moved to Melbourne, Australia with his family in about 2016. Chunny Bhamra: Gramophones and Phonographs were never really made […]

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Lee Hung-tong (李漢忠): Thai Chinese Trader, HK Industrialist and Singer

Lee Hung Tong Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Lee Hung-tong (李漢忠): Thai Chinese Trader, HK Industrialist and Singer Trade between HK and Thailand had existed since the beginning of the colony and in fact the first trading firm in Nam Pak Hong was Yuen Fat Hong which was engaged in the Siam trade and firms that specialized in trading with Thailand are known as “Siam guilds” […]

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Filmo Depot (菲林模影機)

Filmo Depot Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Filmo Depot (菲林模影機) Left: Filmo Depot’s ad for Filmo 8 in 1939 (China Journal, December 1939); Center: article announcing the re-opening of Filmo Depot after the War in 1947 (HK Sunday Herald, 1947-9-21) Right: Filmo Depot’s ad for its Corrascope films in 1960 (Pacific Island Monthly, May 1960) From the 1930s to the 1970s, Filmo Depot was one […]

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Wo Kee Cheung (和記祥) and Wo Fung Cheung (和豐祥)

Wo Kee Cheung Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Wo Kee Cheung (和記祥) and Wo Fung Cheung (和豐祥) Left: Ad for Wo Kee Cheung in 1964 (WKYP, 1964-1-3); right: Thank you ad by Wo Fung Cheung to guests attending the opening of its Tai Po Road branch in 1964 (WKYP, 1964-4-5) In the early 1960s, Canton Trust & Commercial Bank (廣東信託商業銀行) was one of the most aggressive […]

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The Tsang Family of Sui Heong Yuen (瑞香園)

The Tsang Family Of Sui Heong Yuen Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: The Tsang Family of Sui Heong Yuen (瑞香園) Founded by Tsang Yuet-chee (曾月池, also known as T.Y. Chee) in the early 20th century, Sui Heong Yuen is one of the oldest Chinese business groups in HK with interests in trading, godowns, logistics, financial services and property development. At the 100th anniversary celebration of the HK General Chamber of […]

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Unidentified Structure on Waterfall Bay Headland – industrial connection?

In May 2015 gw posted an article on gwulo.com, linked below. He thought it would be of interest to our group as what remains of the original structure are metal poles and beams, circular pipes and metal rods or cables. Whatever the function of these were at this location it may well have been industrial and possibly connected to cables […]

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Olympic Motors Ltd adverts

Olympic Motors Ltd Car Adverts Dot Delivered On Time China Mail 1st January 1949 IDJ

IDJ has sent a series of car sale adverts for a number of Hong Kong companies. Further information about any of these firms would be gratefully received. This article was first posted on 22nd November 2020. Related Indhhk articles: Metro Cars (新英華汽車) and Austin automobiles in HK (1953-1970) Far East Motors – distributor of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Holden and Standard automobiles […]

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