Shanghainese Builders in Hong Kong (Part One) – the Pre-War Pioneers (Yaik Sang, Sung Kee Zee and Dao Kee)

York Lo: Shanghainese Builders in Hong Kong (Part One) – the Pre-War Pioneers (Yaik Sang, Sung Kee Zee and Dao Kee) Having contributed to the building of pre-war Shanghai into the leading metropolis in the Far East, Shanghainese builders and construction firms played a critical role in the post war construction boom in Hong Kong as the city emerged as […]

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Plane assembled in Discovery Bay, 2004

IDJ has sent this article about the assembling of components to be shipped to Oz for full plane assembly. It appeared in Cathay Pacific’s Crews News magazine in 2004. See: Cathay Pacific magazine “for staff and friends” Woman taken to hospital as blaze engulfs about 60 golf carts in Hong Kong’s Discovery Bay SCMP 15th September 2020 This article was […]

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Lighthouses in Hong Kong pre-1941- revised

Stephen Davies: These are the eleven lighthouses (excluding beacons and buoys) that the records show were operated by the Harbour Master before 1941. Note: The locations of Ma Wan (Kap Shui Mun) and Tungkwu/Lung Kwu Chau lighthouses are not yet shown on the map. Gap Rock lighthouse was in Chinese waters but under the aegis of, and paid for by, […]

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The Hong Kong sugarcane industry, 1934

Sugar Industry D 1934

IDJ has sent the following article, published in 1934, which though he doesn’t mention its source I think may come from an edition of the Hong Kong Naturalist. HF: I have retyped the original newspaper article to aid clarity and searches. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped copy of the article and to Yannis Baritakis for enlarging the image […]

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Palmer & Turner, architectural firm in Hong Kong since 1868

Beaconsfield Arcade 1881 Gwulo

Our recently posted article, Lt. Col. M.H. Logan connected to KCR, Logan and Amps, Palmer & Turner…, mentioned the company Palmer & Turner and I thought it might be of interest to learn more about the firm, now known as P&T Group. The following timeline comes from the company’s website. P&T Group The origins of P&T Group date back to […]

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Phonographs, Gramophones and Record Companies in Hong Kong

HF: Can anyone provide further information about these aspects of the music industry in Hong Kong? I am especially interested in the history of record companies in Hong Kong HF: Chunny Bhamra lived on Lamma Island, Hong Kong for many years but moved to Melbourne, Australia with his family in about 2016. Chunny Bhamra: Gramophones and Phonographs were never really made […]

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Yeung Yiu-chung (楊耀松) – King of Industrial Buildings and Agent of YKK zippers

                    York Lo: The authorized agent for YKK zippers in Hong Kong since the 1950s has been Hung Cheong Import & Export Ltd ( 鴻昌進出口有限公司, incorporated in 1972), which was founded by Kwok Tak-seng (郭得勝, 1911-1990) and Yeung Yiu-chung (楊耀松, 1921-2003). The profits from selling YKK zippers formed the foundations of […]

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RAF Shatin Airfield, rice production in the Shatin valley in the 1950s

RAF Shatin Airfield Rice Production Image 5 Peter Howell

Peter Howell has sent further photographs taken during his time stationed at RAF Shatin Airfield, Hong Kong in the early 1950s.  See our collection of articles on the airfield below. We are coming to the end of Peter’s photos and the images below show various stages of rice production in the Shatin valley close to the airfield. I realize farming […]

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Hong Kong Uniform Buttons – KCR and HK Tramways, further information requested

HK Tramways Buttons From Spence

Karl Spencer has contacted the Group. He says, “I am a collector of old HK uniform buttons and am looking for early buttons from the KCR (Kowloon-Canton Railway) and HK Tramways. I have attached photos of buttons I am trying to find. If anyone has any other interesting early buttons then I would be happy to hear from them.” Karl […]

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