Australian cattle to Hong Kong – 1845 invitation, 1880s delivery?

HF:  “Since colonisation began, Australia has bred animals for export. In the 1820s, horses were sent to India for military and civilian use, while Western Australia started exporting live sheep in 1845. Australia’s first shipment of cattle arrived in Hong Kong in the 1880s. In 1903, sheep were sent to Africa, the Pacific islands and Asia.”  The Age, Australia 8th May […]

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The “Canton System” – background and meaning of the term

This post follows from Queries & Answers 12 “The term Compradore.” James Chan has read that the comprador system originally came to prominence after the Canton system, in the late Ming dynasty, was abolished in 1842 and the compradores replaced the “hong” merchants as the main intermediaries between Chinese and Western traders. He is mystified. James wonders if anyone can explain the terms,  Canton system, and hong merchant. And […]

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Textile industrial terms used in Hong Kong Cotton-Spinning…Co 1898-1914

Hugh Farmer: The article The Hongkong Cotton-Spinning, Weaving and Dyeing Company Ltd 1898-1914 contained a number of terms with which I and possibly others are unfamiliar. I thought it might be useful to explain what these words or phrases mean and to briefly mention the aim of any process involved rather than detailed construction of any machine mentioned. The latter […]

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