WW2 Japanese Occupation – “Copper Offering Movement”

Elizabeth Ride has sent a WW2 British Army Aid Group (BAAG) report about the collection of copper by the Japanese during the occupation of Hong Kong.

Part 1 states that those offering copper goods can do so “without anything in return or they can exchange…for rice, sugar, oil and firewood.”

Part 2 states that 7,000 catties of copper had “been offered by the residents of Hong Kong and Kowloon.”

BAAG Report: KWIZ #69, 6.10.44.

Collection of Metals BAAG KWIZ#69 6.10.44

Collection of Metals BAAG KWIZ#69 6.10.44. part two

Further information:

The Index contains many articles using BAAG reports from WW2.

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