The Hong Kong sugarcane industry, 1934

Sugar Industry D 1934

IDJ has sent the following article, published in 1934, which though he doesn’t mention its source I think may come from an edition of the Hong Kong Naturalist. HF: I have retyped the original newspaper article to aid clarity and searches. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped copy of the article and to Yannis Baritakis for enlarging the image […]

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Shanghainese Wood Carvers and the Development of the Wooden Furniture Industry in Hong Kong

York Lo: Shanghainese Wood Carvers and the Development of the Wooden Furniture Industry in Hong Kong As mentioned in the article “There was Something About Hong Kong Old Mary…”, Chiuchow natives Mary Wong and her son Jimmy Tse of HK Old Mary Sing Shun Co. were pioneers of the export carved wood furniture industry in Hong Kong and Jimmy himself actually […]

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RAF Shatin Airfield, rice production in the Shatin valley in the 1950s

RAF Shatin Airfield Rice Production Image 5 Peter Howell

Peter Howell has sent further photographs taken during his time stationed at RAF Shatin Airfield, Hong Kong in the early 1950s.  See our collection of articles on the airfield below. We are coming to the end of Peter’s photos and the images below show various stages of rice production in the Shatin valley close to the airfield. I realize farming […]

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Lee Wo Steelyard – Shanghai Street – probably last of its kind in Hong Kong

Lee Wo Steelyard, Image From Connie Fong, The Young Reporters Magazine 11.12.16

Connie Fong: “People in Hong Kong may come across traditional Chinese steelyards, a type of balance, in wet markets and Chinese medicine pharmacies. Yet only a few of them know the proper way to use one, though it was the optimal tool for measuring weight in the olden days. HF: I have tried to leave a comment at the end […]

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The Lockhart Report 1898 – fascinating glimpse of NT industry – photo of Stewart Lockhart on tour

Hugh Farmer: JH Stewart Lockhart was Colonial Secretary in Hong Kong from 1895-1902. He wrote a report to the Colonial Office in London, reporting on “The New Territory” . This followed “The Convention between Great Britain and China respecting an Extension of the Colony of Hong Kong.” The report was published on the 8th Oct 1898. Paul Onslow has sent this […]

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The declining oyster trade of Lau Fau Shan – HKU project to revive the 700 year old industry

Subject Update: The SCMP of 2nd January 2022 featured the following article, “Sceptical Hong Kong oyster farmers brace themselves for Northern Metropolis plans to transform their Deep Bay village”, linked below. HF: “For 700 years, the oyster beds of Lau Fau Shan have been producing the prized shellfish, but they’ve lost their lustre amid contamination fears linked to climate change. […]

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Sandalwood Mills in Tsuen Wan – 1976 RASHKB article

James Hayes wrote a short article about Sandal Wood Mills in Tsun [sic] Wan, which was published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch, Volume 16, 1976. The article, to be found in the Notes and Queries section begins: The following extracts from various publications relate to this now almost forgotten but long established local industry, located […]

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China Neonlight Advertising Company, Mongkok, makers of neon lights – vanishing Hong Kong trades

Mary Anne Le Bas has sent an SCMP article, Six home-grown Hong Kong trades at risk of dying out, published on 21st June 2015. The last of these is about one of the few remaining Hong Kong companies that make neon lights. Leung Lap Kei, who runs the China Neonlight Advertising Company, says that, “in the 80s and 90s, the […]

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Oyster Beds of the Wang Chau area, Yuen Long

IDJ: The Wang Chau oyster beds spread along the Yuen Long Creek and also along its mouth in the shallow Deep Bay. They are owned by Lam Uk Tsuen, one of the six villages in the Wang Chau area. The oysters are reared at all times of the year. From November to April the oysters of Lam Uk Tsuen are […]

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