Beer in Hong Kong – Part One – the early days up to the planned opening of its first brewery

Martyn Cornell has kindly given permission for extracts from his article, A Short History of Beer in Hong Kong, to be posted on our website. The article was published in the Journal of the Brewery History Society, Brewery History, Issue 156, 2012 Martyn has his own blog, Zythophile – Beer now and then, linked below. Despite its title the article is […]

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Kowloon Confectionery & Bakery Co (九龍糖果公司)

Kowloon Confectionary & Bakery Co Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Kowloon Confectionery & Bakery Co (九龍糖果公司) “Eat More Bread” ad for Kowloon Confectionery in 1941 (A Century of Commerce)  The Kowloon Confectionery & Bakery Co was one of leading confectionery firms and bakeries in Hong Kong from the 1920s to the 1960s but has since faded into history.  Sam Shong-won (岑崇運, 1895-1969), the founder of Kowloon Confectionery, went […]

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Brook Bernacchi – tea estate Ngong Ping, and first Western resident on Lantau island

Brook Antony Bernacchi (貝納褀) b. 22nd January 1922 d. 22nd September 1996, was born in London and arrived in Hong Kong in 1945 as advisor to Major General FW Festing. “One of Hong Kong’s early democrats, he was an important moderate political voice in the colony from the 1950s to the 1970s” . (1) “In 1947 Bernacchi bought 200 acres […]

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The Lane Crawford Bakery, Stubbs Road, 1938-1948

Brian Edgar’s blog, linked below, is about the experiences of his parents Thomas and Evelina Edgar in Hong Kong 1941-1945. The photograph shown on the Home page is of their wedding on the 29th June 1942. Thomas was a baker and worked in Hong Kong for the Lane Crawford, Garden and Ching Loong bakeries. Here we are concerned with the Lane Crawford […]

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Wo Fat Hing Distillery, Lung Wo village

HF: Any further information about this company or others involved in producing alcohol in HK, especially Chinese ones, would be welcomed. (see links below) While walking down Clear Water Bay Road on 21st Feb 2015 I glanced down a rather rough side road, saw a small, industrial looking building and decided to investigate. At the start of the road was a […]

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Hong Kong Industry during World War Two

HF: This is an article where we can gradually add information about what happened to HK’s industry, manufacturing, mining , transport and other related areas such as shops and the retail trade during World War Two. As bits and pieces come in I’ll update the article and re-post it with the current date. Linked articles have been posted on the […]

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The Taikoo Sugar Refinery

A 19th Century Company Town in North Point, Hong Kong By Jennifer Field Lang In 1881, Butterfield and Swire (the Far Eastern branch of the British trading firm John Swire and Sons) established the Taikoo  Sugar Refinery in Hong Kong.   John Swire (1793-1847) the son of a Halifax cloth merchant founded the general merchant trading company in 1816 in Liverpool, […]

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Live Long and Prosper: Longevity Condensed Milk (壽星公煉奶), Black and White Evaporated Milk (黑白淡奶) and Friesland Ice Cream (菲仕蘭雪糕

Longevity Consed Milk Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Live Long and Prosper: Longevity Condensed Milk (壽星公煉奶), Black and White Evaporated Milk (黑白淡奶) and Friesland Ice Cream (菲仕蘭雪糕) Left: Longevity milk from 1980 HK TV commercial (YouTube); Right: Friesland Ice cream factory on Hennessy Road in 1953 (Gwulo)   Since the 1930s and 1940s, Longevity sweetened condensed milk and Black & White evaporated milk have become staples […]

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The Wong Brothers of Yuen Kee Hong – from Preserved Ginger to Metals and Frozen Meats

The Wong Brothers Of Yuen Kee Hong Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo:The Wong Brothers of Yuen Kee Hong – from Preserved Ginger to Metals and Frozen Meats In the article about aluminum industry pioneers Wah Chong and Ting Tai, we have mentioned about Yuen Fung Metal Works, one of the four firms which partnered up with Wah Chong and Ting Tai to form the sales consortium known as Aluminium Manufactures […]

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