The Sperry Flour Company in Hong Kong

  HF: The Company in Hong Kong: “The Sperry Flour Company has been interested in the flour trade of the Colony for upwards of forty years—a period considerably longer than any other similar company—and during the whole of this time it has lost no opportunity of studying the requirements of Eastern buyers, with the object of pushing business throughout the […]

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World War Two – BAAG reports – Batch 3 – HSBC lions, Tricycle taxis, Industrial companies and much more…

Elizabeth Ride has sent a further sample of British Army Aid Group reports sent during during the Japanese occupation of HK in WW2. HF: There are many industrial references including companies, factories, transport, utilties… I have given each file Elizabeth sent a new name, dates where known and a brief summary of contents. WIS = Waichow Intelligence Summary   KWIZ […]

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World War Two – BAAG reports – Batch 1 – HK industrial companies, trading syndicates…

Elizabeth Ride has sent a sample of BAAG reports from 1942 to 1944. These cover mainly commodity prices and supply in Hong Kong during this period plus snippets about currency, utilities, transport, trade syndicates and the Canton Army Commissariat which operated factories in Canton producing for the Japanese army. File 11  mentions four HK companies. HF: I have given each […]

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