The defunct Tai Po Kau Railway Station, KCR

Hugh Farmer: Philip Edward Kenny has added a comment to the article Tai Po Kau Railway Station – dramatic film!

You may not be aware of his excellent website (see below). One article on this covers in some detail the now defunct and demolished KCR station and has recently been updated. It also contains photos both historic and contemporary.

Tai Po Kau Railway Station 1921 image Courtesy - HKU Libraries HK Memory

Tai Po Kau Railway Station 1921 image Courtesy – HKU Libraries

Phil starts by clearing up the confusion between  Tai Po, Tai Po Market and Tai Po Kau KCR stations…

” In the days before electrification. Tai Po had two rail stops. Perhaps the more famous one…was called Tai Po Market railway station and served the centre of the new market town. Tai Po station on the other hand was on a site now occupied by Trackside Villas in Tai Po Kau.

Perhaps the first things I need to do is point out the distinction between Tai Po Market  railway station and Tai Po railway station. The former exists in two forms: 1) the current MTRC East Rail station that serves the south side of Tai Po, and 2) the old Chinese style station (built in 1913) that closed down when the line was electrified in 1983 and turned into the small, but very excellent, Railway Museum. Tai Po Station, on the other hand, is a former station about a mile south of modern day Tai Po Market.

An odd place to put a station in a modern context and the current trains zip through the old site withour giving it a second thought. There is nothing here to suggest it used to be a station at all because when the line was upgraded (electrified) in 1983, the KCRC took the opportunity to consolidate some of the stations and one of the unfortunate victims was the stop at Tai Po Kau.”

This article was first posted on 29th April 2014.

Here is the link to Phil’s article:

The Former Tai Po Kau Railway Station at Tai Po Kau, Tai Po

And here is his website

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