Sha Tau Kok branch railway – Absorbing 1986 account by RJ Phillips

Tymon Mellor has sent a long and detailed account of  the Fanling – Sha Tau Kok branch railway which operated from 1911 to 1928. HF adds: The report, written by RJ Phillips, and published in 1986 (?), obviously required a tremendous amount of research and perseverance and contains a large amount of information plus several, sometimes rather blurry, images including maps, plans and photos. The  source of the account is the HK Records Office.

To view the report please click on the link below:

Sha Tau Kok Branch – A Study 1911-1928 R J Phillips

Sha Tau Kok railway - line and HK generally

Map showing the location of the main KCR line and the Sha Tau Kok branch

Sha Tau Kok railway - plan of Fanling station

A plan of the line and station at Fanling

Spur line branch station at Fanling

This article was first posted on 12th June 2015.



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