Hong Kong trading agents 1953 – nearly 60 companies

IDJ has sent the following trade adverts from 1953 for Hong Kong importers and exporters/buying and selling agents. Included are also companies who are advertising their own products.

As information comes in each will be given their own article.

Any related Inddhk articles are linked under the company name.

Allied Trading Company Incorporated 30th June 1953 Dissolved 5th December 1958Allied Trading Company Ltd-agent-advert-1953

The Amoy Canning Corporation (HK)

  1. Amoy Canning – a brief history since 1908
  2. World War Two – BAAG reports, Amoy Canning (Tinning) Co
  3. Amoy Canning – connection to WW2 POWs and a particular Englishman?
  4. Amoy Canning – Cheng Yum Kwai Senior Manager, Production, Amoy Food Limited
  5. Amoy Canning locations – Ngau Tau Kok Road, Amoy Gardens, Ngau Chi Wan – clarification needed?
  6. Amoycan Industrial Centre – Kowloon Bay – connection to Amoy Canning? – major fire June 2016

Amoy Canning Corp Hong Kong Ltd-manufacturer-advert-1953

Arnhold Trading Company Ltd

Arnhold Trading Co Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Blair & Company

Blair & Co Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Cathay Export Company (HK) Ltd

Incorporated 13th September 1951. Dissolved 17th November 1973.

Cathy Export Co Hong Kong Ltd-agent-advert-1953

The Continental Rubber Manufacturing Ltd

Continental Rubber Manufacturing Company Ltd

Continental Rubber Manufacturary Ltd-manufacturer-advert-1953

Dah Chung Industrial Company Ltd

  1. Dah Chung Industrial Company Ltd – manufacturer of sewing needles
  2. Chi Chung Yin ( 尹致中) – King of Needles

Dah Chung Industrial Co Ltd-manufacturer-advert 1953

The Dairy Farm, Ice and Cold Storage Company Ltd

  1. Dairy Farm Company – A timeline
  2. The Dairy Farm Company – Post WW1, the Japanese occupation and immediately post WW2
  3. The Dairy Farm Ice and Cold Storage Company – HKBRAS article

Dairy Farm Ice Cold Storeage Co Ltd-manufacturer-advert-1953

Dalamal & Sons

Dalamal & Sons-Agent-advert-1953

Dodwell & Company Ltd

Dodwell & Company Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Duro Paint Manufacturing Company Ltd

Hong Kong Paint manufacturing companies – from the early 1930s

Duro Paint Manufacturing Co Ltd-manufacturer-advert-1953

Ernest Trading Corporation

Ernest Trading Corporation-agent-advert-1953

George M Lau & Brothers

George M Lau & Bros-agents-advert-1953

Gibb, Livingston & Company Ltd

Gibb Livingston & Co Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Gidumal & Sons

Gidumal & Sons-agent-advert-1953

Gold Coin Brand ( I-Feng Enamelling Company Ltd, Freezinhot Bottle Company Ltd)

  1. Gold Coin Thermos Flasks
  2. I-Feng Enamelling Company and Freezinhot Bottle Co., Ltd.
  3. The I-Feng Enamelling Company – details about associated family members
  4. John Chi-ying Tung (董之英, 1914-1986) of I-Feng Enamelling

Gold Coin Brand-manufacturer-advert-1953

H Nolasco & Company Ltd

H Nolasco & Co Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Howah & Company Ltd

Howah & Co Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Imperial Chemical Industries (China) Ltd

Imperial Chemical Industries China Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Jacobsen Van Den Berg (HK) Ltd

Jacobson Van Den Berg Hk Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Jardine, Matheson & Company Ltd

Jardine Matheson & Co Ltd-agent-advert-1953

John Manners & Company Ltd

John Manners & Co Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Johnson Ltd

Johnson Ltd-agent-advert-1953

K A J Chotirmall & Company

K A J Chotirmall & Co-agent-advert-1953

Kader Industrial Company Ltd

Kadar Industrial Company Limited Hong Kong-manufacturer-advert-1953

Kelly Brothers Manufacturing Factory

Kelly Bros Mfg Factory-manufacturer-advert-1953

Keng Kee & Company

Keng Kee & Co-agent-advert-1953

Lane Crawford Ltd

Lane Crawford Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Lap Heng Company Ltd

Lap Heng Co Ltd-agents-advert-1953

Lebel (China) Ltd

Lebel China Ltd-advert 1953

Murjani Corporation

Murjani Corporation-agents-advert-1953

Nan Sing Dyeing Works Ltd

Nan Sing Dyeing Works Ltd-agency-advert-1953

O K Gidumal & Watumull Ltd

O K Gidumal & Watumull Ltd-agent-advert-1953

O Kees & Company (Hong Kong) Ltd

O Kees & Company Hong Kong Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Overseas Export and Import Company

Overseas Export & Import Co-agent-advert-1953

Peking Trading Company

Peking Trading Co-agent-advert-1953

Ramsons, Ramsons (Oil & Fats)


Sir Cyril Young & Sons Ltd

Sir Cyril Young & Son Ltd-agent-advert 1953

The South China Iron Works Ltd

South China Iron Works Ltd Hong Kong-manufacturer-advert-1953

Steel Brothers & Company Ltd

Steel Brothers & Co Ltd-agency-advert-1953


Swatow Drawn Work Company Ltd

Swatow Drawn Work Co Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Swiss Asiatic Company Ltd

Swiss Asiatic Co Ltd-Agent-advert 1953

The Taikoo Sugar Refining Company Ltd

Taikoo Sugar Refining Co Ltd-manufacturer-advert-1953

Union Metal Works Ltd

Union Metal Works Ltd-manufacturer-advert-1953

Utoomal & Assudamal Company

Utoomal & Assudamal Co-agent-advert-1953

V Lilaram & Company

V Lilaram & Co-agent-advert-1953

Victor Warne & Company (HK) Ltd

Victor Warne & Co HK Ltd-agent-advert-1953

W R Loxely & Company (China) Ltd

W R Loxley & Co China Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Wah Chong Metal Works Ltd

Wah Chong Metal Works Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Wah Hing Company Ltd

Wah Hing Company Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Wallem Lambert Brothers Ltd

Wallem Lambert Brothers Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Wayon Export and Import Company

Wayon Export & Import Co-agent-advert-1953

Wheelock Marden & Company Ltd

Wheelock Marden & Co Ltd-agent-1953

William Jacks & Company Ltd

William Jacks & Co Ltd-agent-advert-1953

Yae Seng Hong

Yae Seng Hong-agent-advert-1953

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