The I-Feng Enamelling Company – details about associated family members

York Lo has sent biographical details of Tung Chi-fu, John Tung Chi-ying, Tung Hong-ying and other members of the family who founded and were associated with The I-Feng Enamelling Company and Freezinhot Bottle Co., Ltd.

He also mentions others who were not family members but involved in other companies specially in Shanghai.

York Lo: The founder of I-Feng, Tung Chi-fu (董吉甫, or Dung Jifu in the HK Memory website) was the father of John Tung. Tung Chi-fu died in 1952 in Hong Kong and was succeeded by his sons John Tung Chi-ying (董之英), Tung Hong-ying (董宏英) and Tung Chin-ying (董俊英). John had no children but many nephews and nieces. One of his nieces is married to Fong Hup, co-founder of the accounting firm Kwan Wong Tan & Fong (now Deloitte) and brother in law of former legislators Martin Lee and Nellie Fong.

The link below has a picture of a Shanghai Freezinhot stock certificate issued in 1944 and Tung Chi-fu’s signature and chop as a director is the first from the left:

Tung Chi-fu’s brother Tung Hsi-yen (董希彥) was also involved in the business and Hsi-yen’s son in law Yung Ta-bun (榮大本) was in fact the factory manager of I-Feng in HK. Yung came from the same prominent Wuxi family as HC Yung of Nanyang Spinning Mills and Rong Yiren of CITIC and in fact his grandfather Yung Fulin (榮福齡) was an investor in the spinning mills in Wuxi started by HC Yung and Rong Yiren’s fathers. Yung Fulin also invested in an enamelware factory which was merged with I-Feng in 1933 and his US-educated son Yung Fang-chou (榮方舟, father of Ta-bun) was installed as a director of I-Feng in Shanghai and involved with its management.  Ta-bun himself was a physics graduate from Shanghai Ta Tung University and came to HK in 1948 where in addition to managing the I-Feng plant he also handled international sales and traveled extensively in Southeast Asia and Africa.  

Neither of Ta-bun’s two sons were interested in business but both have significant achievements in the arts:

Bell Yung (榮鴻曾) is a leading expert on Cantonese opera and Professor Emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh, his bio, linked below, was a citation given when he recieved an honorary doctorate of literature from CUHK in 2012

Danny Yung (榮念曾) is well known in Asian theatrical circles as the founder of the international experimental theater group Zuni Icosahedron and his bio can be found in the following link:

The image on the Home Page of this article is of John Tung.

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