Proposed second Peak Tram – 1908 – the route

IDJ has sent the following:

Tram - second Peak route - PF Leeds pp 9-12

The Development of Public Transport in Hong Kong, PF Leeds, 1984, p 10

Tymon Mellor has sent the following. Namely, an objection to the building of the New Peak Tramway dated 30th Nov 1908.

“A humble petition of Domenico Pozzoni, Vicar Apostolic of the Roman Catholic Church on behalf of the Roman Catholic Community of Hongkong”

‘New’ because this was a proposed second tramway which came to nothing. I wonder how much this was  result of the objections of the Vicar Apostolic?

Peak Tram, New, Catholic objection

Thanks to Richard McGeough for retyping this:
6. Your Petitioner is informed that it is proposed to carry the said Tramway for a considerable portion of its length on a steel trestle Viaduct 50 feet or thereabouts in height directly in front of the principal entrance to the said Cathedral and within 80 yards or thereabouts thereof, and your Petitioner is informed and believes that the noise caused by cars passing over such a trestle Viaduct and the noise occasioned by the traction Cables passing over the guide pulleys will be so loud as to be distracting to the devotion of those engaged in prayer, or in other religious observances in the said Cathedral. And further that such distracting noise will be almost continuous when cars are running on the said Tramway.

The Catholic Cathedral 1908

The Catholic Cathedral

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