World War Two – brief reports on four companies during the Japanese occupation

HF: This extract from a British Army Aid Group (BAAG) report from 1944 provides brief details about four companies during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during World War Two.

1) The Green Island Cement Company

Green Island Cement Company – stunning photos

Green Island Cement – manager late 1920s to 1949 indentified + photos of earlier manager’s house?

Green Island Cement Works – BAAG report 1945

Robert Gordon Shewan – CLP, Green Island Cement and HK Rope Manufacturing

2) “Oxygen Factory” we have no information about this company – can you help?  What was its name? A sizable company, 1,000 workers, but notice the comment at the bottom reducing this figure dramatically.

3) The Hip Tung Wo Machinery Works – same with this company beyond this report. 2,000 workers? – if so it was a big company. Where was it? It produced diesel engines – what else? And why were ships’ engines stored there…(at this time)?

4) Bailey’s Shipyard

Bailey’s Shipyard – 1908 account

William Seybourne Bailey co-founder of Bailey’s Shipyard

E O Murphy, co-founder of Bailey’s Shipyard


BAAG report companies druing Jan occupation 1944


  • Elizabeth Ride

    Hugh – Re information about the Oxygen Factory. The KWIZ #66 of September 1944 reports the following:
    “HK OXYGEN FACTORY. Owing to restrictions in consumption of electric power, working hours have been changed. Machine works twice (instead of four times) each lasting 11/12 days. Work is carried on at night. Output each time is about 1600 bottles, making a total monthly output of 3600 bottles. Consumption of oxygen in the various dockyards has had to be restricted.” Best regards, EMR.

    • Many thanks Elizabeth.

      I wonder where this factory was? And what was the company called, “HK Oxygen Factory” seems an odd name?

      I have posted an new article Hong Kong Oxygen Factory – initial information from 1944 which includes your information.


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