Jan Hendrik Marsman – Escape from HK during WW2

Hugh Farmer and “Tide Swell”: New information in red. These are introductory notes about Jan Hendrik Marsman, b1892 Netherlands, d1956 [exact dates needed], known as Hank to his friends. He started his working life as an engineer.  He developed extensive business interests in the Philippines. As elaborated on below he became involved through  his company Marsman Hong Kong  China Ltd, in […]

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1939 Report on Labour and Labour Conditions in Hong Kong

Tymon Mellor has sent the following report published on 11th April 1939 on Labour and Labour Conditions in Hong Kong. The author was Mr HR Butters. Sessional Papers 1939, Papers laid before the Legislative Council of Hongkong 1939. HF: The Hong Kong Memory Project introduces this report with the following: – The 65-page report was prepared by the first Labour Officer in […]

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1 Kwok Acheong + P&O connection

Newsletter 04 Hugh Farmer: Kwok Acheong (b? Canton d.1880 Hong Kong) became one of the richest men in Hong Kong during the 19th century as a compradore, shipowner, merchant and landowner. There is considerable information about his life and business interests. One of the latter was taking over the ‘shipwright and engineering department’ from the P&O Steamship Company in 1854. I can […]

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