Amoy Canning – photograph of Mr T S Wong, Managing Director of the company in Hong Kong and Singapore, 1930s and 1940s?

Michele Cottage has kindly sent the photograph below and the following information:

The photo below is of Mr and Mrs T S Wong Managing Director of Amoy Canning Hong Kong and Singapore.  My grandfather is standing between them.  Believed to be taken late in the 1930s or early 1940s in Hong Kong

York Lo adds: Very precious picture!  Wong (1912-1978) was one of the highest profile industrialists in post-war HK having served as chairman of the Chinese Manufacturers Association for many years.

Michele: My grandfather was an engineer at a canning factory in Cambridge, England. I think he travelled to Hong Kong to visit the factory.

Mr Wong was the uncle of the current Managing Director George Huang.

Michele adds: Glad the photo was of interest. I also sent it to the Amoy Canning Company and they replied with the information about Mr Wong being the uncle of the current Managing Director George Huang.

The photo captures the time well I think.

HF: I will contact Michele and see if she can provide further information about her grandfather. I have a particular interest in the industrial history of Cambridge, England as it was my home town in the UK, and I think this is the first mention of the university city on this website. I believe there is a Cambridge Industrial Archaeology Society, and I will try and contact it and see if they can come up with any canning factories in the city around the time Michele suggests the photo was taken.

Michele responded with:

I have had these photos a while as they were inherited by me in 2004 when my parents died. As I have recently retired and have more time I have been sorting through them and archiving into albums. My grandfather was John William Beaumont (my father’s father) who died in 1981. He worked at Chivers Jam Factory in Histon, Cambridge for almost all of his life. He had served in the First World War in the Royal Engineers, was injured in France and then after the war became an engineer. He lived his entire life in the Mill Road area in Cambridge as his father worked on the railways and he then bought his own house in the same area.

Amoy Canning Photo Of Mr + Mrs T S Wong, Managing Director Of AC With Grandfather Of Michele Cottage, Late 1930s, Early 1940s

This article was first posted on 8th March 2020.

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