The Hongkong Rope Manufacturing Co., Ltd – further information

The first article on this company was written by Amelia Allsop of the Hong Kong Heritage Project Archive and posted on Nov 9, 2013. Jan 13 2014 a new image sent by IDJ: There is also a connection in the following to the article “Shanghai Spinners: Pioneers of Hong Kong’s industrialization, 1947-1955” written by Carles Brasó Broggi and posted on 9 […]

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Toy Museum in Hong Kong + 1972 World’s largest exporter of Toys

Hugh Farmer writes, The SCMP of 10 Dec 2013, has an article “Museum plans an old school revival” which mentions a plan by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and the Hong Kong Toys Council to  set up a permanent museum dedicated to toys produced here. Sounds like an excellent idea given the importance of the toy industry in Hong Kong […]

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Manufacturing in HK 1876 and 1881 – a comparison of numbers of workers

Hugh Farmer writes, in Newsletter Seven  I mentioned Chinese manufacturing enterprises in the 1870s. These included two for preserving ginger and other processed food including soy sauce and preserved fruit, several machine-makers, a tannery, a paper factory and a manufacturer of matches, workshops for producing cigars, tobacco, clothing, glass, oars, rifles, ropes, umbrellas, spectacles, tooth-powder and soap, as well as […]

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