Hong Kong Iron Works Companies – information needed

HF: Can anyone supply information about these companies?

a) Shun Fung Iron Works  -mentioned in Ship breaking companies – 1966  with an address at 605, Fu House, Hong Kong.

b) South China Iron Works – incorporated 19th December 1938, dissolved around 1986?

HF “South China Iron Works Ltd., founded in 1938, lost much of its machiney during the Japanese occupation, but by 1949 had resumed production of diesel engines, including ‘specially designed’ three wheeled vehicles ‘especially designed for use in Southeast Asia’, and 2.5 ton trucks.”
From Made in Hong Kong: A History of Export design in Hong Kong 1900-1960, The Urban Council, May 1988
A undated photograph accompanying the quote shows the factory as being in Tsuen Wan, though in tiny font

Elizabeth Ride sent this BAAG report:

South China Iron Works BAAG WIS # 14 16.12.42

c) The Novelty Iron Works – see George Underhill Sands (1824-1881) – connection to three HK companies

d) Chiap Hua Iron and Steel Works – the company’s advert from 1941 shown below…gasmasks, helmets and shovels. See: HK Memory Project

Chiap Hua Iron and Steel Works Ltd 1941 advert snipped from HK Memory

1941 advert Courtesy: HK Memory Project

This article was first posted 18th June 2015.

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