HK Iron and Steel companies in 1963, information wanted…

HF: This extract about Iron and Steel comes from a 1963 report on The Mineral Industry of Hong Kong by JM West.

The report mentions several companies we have no information about:

  1. Fuji Marden – a joint venture between Fuji Iron Works of Japan and Wheelock Marden of Hong Kong
  2. Sigma Shipping which in that year was operating a re-rolling mill on Tsing Yi Island
  3. Sakai Steel Pipe, “organised by Japanese and Hong Kong interests” which was building a “Kowloon” plant to make pipe
  4. And “another pipe plant under construction was to produce 2,000 tons per month”
  5. Finally, “a stainless steel plant… would be built on Lantau Island to utilize the scrap formerly sold to Japan.”

Any information about these companies or others in the HK Iron and Steel Industry would be welcomed.

Iron and Steel 1963 production The Mineral Industry of HK

Steel Industry Hong Kong circa 1964 unknown location from IDJ

Steel Industry Hong Kong c1964 unknown location Courtesy: IDJ

Source: The Mineral Industry of Hong Kong 1963

This article was first published on 29th May 2015.

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