China Engineers Ltd, Hong Kong – 1963 supplementary information

Carles Brasó Broggi’s article China Engineers Ltd 1928 Shanghai – 1937 Hong Kong, concludes, “During the 1960s, China Engineers expanded in the Southeast Asian markets establishing one of the first spinning and dyeing industries in the Philippines as well as electrical installations for high rise buildings in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The company also opened offices in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. They also made aluminum for buildings, elevators, parquets and other facilities. The main office of China Engineers was at the Alexandra House, in Central.”

This advert from 1963, sent by IDJ, confirms that expansion. And outlines the company’s interests in importing, contracting, exporting and manufacturing.

Companies involved in the latter are:

a) Hong Kong Knitters – ‘Easeley’ cotton and woollen knitted shirts, combed cotton underwear.
See:  A History of the Wong Family Textile Business – Part Two: Life in Hong Kong

b) Hong Kong Weavers Ltd – bras, raincoats and carcoats. I vaguely remember the latter in the UK – see wikipedia below.

c) Fortuna Garments Ltd – dresses and pyjamas. I haven’t heard of this company. Was its manufacturing based in HK?

Further information about these companies would be very welcome

And d) BW Parquet (Malaya) Ltd

China Engineers Ltd, The  -1963 advert

See: Car coats wikipedia

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  • Mike T.

    In June 1990, Hong Kong Knitters Ltd. was acquired by Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd (YGM) through an associated company, Whampoa Textile Ltd. Co., and the production lines were moved to Panyu, Guangdong:

    The company was founded on 15 July 1955, and still exists as a part of YGM. A Chinese name was added in the Hong Kong companies register at the end of 1971, “香港織造有限公司”.

    The only mentions I can find of Hong Kong Weavers Ltd. are that they were headquartered at Alexandra House.

    Fortuna Garments Ltd. was founded on 28-05-1959, and struck off the register of companies on 31-08-2012. From founding until 08-02-1972, their Chinese company name was “福川製衣有限公司”, and subsequently it changed to “福銓製衣有限公司”.

    By the 1970s, Fortuna was located at Tin’s Third House, 777, Lai Chi Kok Road, 10th & 11th Floors, Kowloon.

    As of the late 1980s and 1990s, Fortuna was at 8/F., Wong Chan Kee Commercial Building, 12-14 Ka Hing Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong, and produced jackets and jeans.

    I can’t find anything on B.W. Parquet (Malaya) beyond what you’ve already listed…

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