Orient Tobacco Manufactory – Hong Kong cigar packaging

HF: Matthew Lai recently posted this comment on our article, The Orient Tobacco Manufactory Company – updated information.

“I’m not sure will this photo be useful for any research, but this is truely a mark of history that should be shared. I found a few of these packages remain. They are really beautifully printed, the picture was not just printed on the paper, it is a decent embossing.”

It’s more than useful Matthew. In what can be a rather grey industrial world here is a wonder of colour and artistry. I thought I would post Matthew’s images without further comment except can anyone date them and explain the process involved in embossing such cigar packaging.

Many thanks to IDJ for separating and improving the sharpness of the images sent in Matthew’s comment.

We have several articles about the Orient Tobacco Manufactory, all linked below.

Orient Tobacco Manufactory Image A Cigar Packaging Comment By Matthew Lai

Orient Tobacco Manufactory Image C Cigar Packaging Comment By Matthew Lai

Orient Tobacco Manufactory Image D Cigar Packaging Comment By Matthew Lai

This article was first ppsted on 26th June 2018.

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