El Oriente – Cigar Factory and Tobacco Plantations – Manila Management Structure

Edward Schneider (great-grandson of Carl Ingenohl): El Oriente was mostly a trade name, although it did appear in various names of companies of the group associated with Carl Ingenohl’s business group. The parent company was a Swiss partnership of which Ingenohl was the General Partner (and principal partner) and that partnership owned the Hong Kong company, the Manila company (until 1914) and the Antwerp company.

The Spanish name is due the fact that the industrial activity was started by Carl Ingenohl in the Philippines where the group owned plantations and a factory.

The document below, both translated and original, reflect the management structure of the El Oriente Cigar Company in Manila in 1904. This was a few years before the Hong Kong factory was built.

N.B. : The Ysabella valley in the Philippines was where the tobacco plantations of El Oriente where based. Harvesting Managers were obviously the tobacco plantation managers

HF: We have several articles about the company’s operations in Hong Kong and about Carl Ingenohl. All are shown, linked, below.


El Oriente

Fabrica de tabacos – Cigar Factory

Sociedad Anonima MANILA – Manila LTD

Carl Ingenohl…..Administrador – Director…..Managing Director

Adolf Welhagen…..Gerente…..General Manager

Konrad Badenhop…..Preposito del Despacho…..Logistics Manager

Herman Sieling…..Preposito de taller Filipino…..Philippine Workshop Manager

Wilhem Faeger…..Preposito del  Escojimiento de la cama…..Selection Manager

Heinrich Oostendorp..Preposito de la sucursal de Tanduay…Manager of the Tanduay branch

Richard Hummerfeldt…..Preposito de desposito de materiales…..Stockroom manager

Fernand Boulanger…..Ingeniero…..Engineer

Alfred Illenburger…..Cajero…..Treasurer

Wilhelm Schmidt…..Ayudante…..Assistant

Otto Metz…..Preposito del aforo…..Quality Control Manager

Juan Pineda…..Maestro de la elaboracion…..Head of cigar production

Ernst Knauff…..Preposito principal del acopio(Ylagan)…..Head Harvesting Manager (Ylagan)

August Ebell..Preposito del acopio en Ysabella Alta (Ylagan)..Harvesting Manager of Upper                                                                                                  Ysabella (Ylagan)

Julius Ruchenbrod..Preposito del acopio en Ysabella Baja (Ylagan)..Harvesting Manager of                                                                                                  Lower Ysabella (Ylagan)

Ludwig Baumgartner..Preposito del acopio en Ysabella Central (Ylagan)..Harvesting Manager                                                                                              of Central Ysabella (Ylagan)

Convey their warmest thanks for the many expressions of sympathy on the occasion of the flooding incident which the company suffered on 13 July.

Santa Cruz de Manila, Quiapo de Manila, Tanduay de Manila, Ylagan (Ysabella), Echague Ysabella, San José Ysabella.  1 October, 1904.


Orient Tobacco Manufactury management structure a Edward Schneider

Orient Tobacco Manufactury management structure b Edward Schneider

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