Orient Tobacco Manufactory – HK factory location, map and plan of works layout

Edward Schneider: The Orient Tobacco Manufactory works was on a site in Kowloon bordered by Nathan Road, Dundas Street, Soy Street and Kwong Wa Street.  It had a total surface area of 307,095 sq.ft. (approximately 3 hectares) and was registered as Lot numbers 1421 and 2629.

It was acquired as a grant on 1 January 1908 for $86,124.40. The buildings cost $278,485.45. Some minor additional land appears to have been added in 1922.

Orient Tobacco Manufactury map Edward Schneider

Orient Tobacco Manufactury Jan 1911 map extract from price list Edward Schneider

Extracted from a January 1911 company price list

Nathan Road, Dundas Street, Soy Street and Kwong Wa Street on a contemporary CentaMap:-

Orient Tobacco Manufactory location 2016 centamap

This article was first posted on 30th March 2016.

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