Kowloon Dairy Company – horse racing connection

Hugh Farmer: Kowloon Dairy Company was established by George Ahwee [dates?] and Rudy Choy (Nov 1910-29 Apr 1992) in 1940. The Kowloon Dairy website suggests ” It was a fantastic partnership when Ahwee and Choy co-founded the company as the former was a “devotee of animal husbandry, especially of dairy cattle, and Choy was an amateur jockey”.

I wasn’t quite sure how the latter’s enviable talent helped getting milk from cow to bottle. However, Mr Li Lan Sang, once the owner of the largest number of racehorses in Hong Kong financed the founding, (possibly shortly after), of the dairy with Ahwee and  Choy.

This article is from our archives. I would welcome further information and/or images about Kowloon Dairy.

Li Lan Sang image 2 horseracing

Li Lan Sang, I presume in Chinese attire.

Kowloon Dairy image 1940

Kowloon Dairy’s Farm 1940

Choi Wan Public Housing Estate is in Wong Tai Sin District. In 1972 when the estate was built, Kowloon Dairy separated into a  farm in Yuen Long and a dairy “factory” in Tuen Mun.

This article was first posted on 9th May 2014.


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  • Peter Li

    hi One of the victims of the 1918 Racecourse fire is Mr. Albert Ahwee, the Proprieter of the Kowloon Dairy. I think the two Ahwees and these two Kowloon daity should be connected.

  • david lewis

    George Ahwee and Rudy Choy were the founders of Kowloon Dairy in 1920, well before the stated 1940 on the website which is erroneous. Albert Ahwee was indeed George’s brother and was killed at the racecourse fire. George Ahwee was my grand father and I have been liven photos by my 94 year old mother (George’s daughter Margot) who is still alive and has a clear memory of Kowloon Dairy’s history which definitely precedes 1940.

  • Annelise Connell

    George Ahwee was the son of Albert Ahwee, the founder of the original Kowloon Dairy. George knew all about dairy farming because he grew up on one, and helped run it after his father’s death. https://gwulo.com/media/43661

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