Index Updated…including corruption at mine, dragon kilns, Royal Navy dockyard, 19th century Wanchai shipyards, China Sugar Refinery, Waglan Island Lighthouse…

Hugh Farmer: The Index has been updated.

We now have over 500 articles on a very wide range of subjects.

If you would like to write on a new subject, add information/images about an existing one, or simply add a comment at the end of an article it would be great to hear from you.

Feel free to contact me:-  indhhk”at”

Articles posted in the last month include:

The Mines of Lam Tsuen – corruption, conviction and jail sentence

Lam Tsuen1

Dragon Kilns – last Hong Kong one fired in 1990 – dramatic photo

Dragon Kilns IDJ Hong Kong-New Territories-1968 image

The Royal Naval Dockyard Hong Kong during World War Two

Royal Naval Dockyard map Sept 1944 BAAG

19th Century Wanchai Shipyards – Messrs. George Fenwick & Co Ltd

Fenwick - ships built Nanning 1 + Sainan

The China Sugar Refinery Company (previously Wahee, Smith & Co)

China Sugar Refining Company

Waglan Island lighthouse – inaugurated on 9th May, 1893

Waglan Island lighthouse photo





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