Forty one historic monuments at six of HK’s earliest reservoirs

HF: In 2009 the Water Supplies Department published, Stream of Memories, which provides details of 41 “historic waterworks structures as statutory monuments.”

These include dams and tunnel inlets, aqueducts and stone bridges, watchman’s houses and staff quarters going back to the initial establishment of a reliable supply of fresh water on Hong Kong Island around 150 years ago.

Six locations, some with more than one reservoir, are covered starting with the first, Pok Fu Lam which opened in 1863.

Historic background, a map showing the reservoir(s) location, a few old and several contemporary photographs are provided for each reservoir.

If you live, or lived, in Hong Hong and enjoy walking you will probably know that these reservoirs provide some of the most tranquil strolls here along with the larger and more recent reservoirs in the New Territories.


Pok Fu Lam Reservoir WSD 2008 Watchman's Cottage

Tai Tam

Tai Tam Reservoir  Masonry Aqueduct WSD 2009

Wong Nai Chung

Wong Nai Chung Reervoirr Dam WSD 2009


Kowloon Reservoir Main Dam WSD 2009

Shing Mun

Shing Mun Reservoir memorial stone WSD 2009


Aberdeen Upper Reservoir Bridge 1931 WSD 2009

See: Water Supplies Department – Stream of Memories 2009

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