Catalogue of Tunnels in HK – road, railway, water supply, drainage and sewage, cables and others

HF: The Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD)  has published a Catalogue of Hong Kong Tunnels (up to February 2015).

The list is extensive and as far as I know does not appear in a format which can be “searched”.

The tunnels are grouped:
1. Road
2. Railway (MTRC and ex KCRC)
3. Water Supply
4. Drainage and Sewage
5. Cable and other tunnels

and each have a Project Title, Year of Completion, Length Details, Cross Section Details, Method of Construction, Geology and Groundwater and References.

And to wet your appetite here are the firsts:
1. 1975  First Lion Rock road tunnel

Lion Rock road tunnel construction-circa 1962 IDJ
2. 1910 Beacon Hill KCR railway tunnel

Beacon Hill Tunnel South Portal 1909

Beacon Hill Tunnel
South Portal

3. 1877 Pok Fu Lam water supply tunnel
4. 1975 Seymour Road / Robinson Road drainage tunnel (private) I suppose it depends on ones definition but was 1975 really the first drainage or sewer tunnel in Hong Kong? Can someone confirm or explain what appears at first glance and without any knowledge to be a very recent date?
5. 1915 Mining tunnel  – exact mine not specified – as above, what constitutes a tunnel?
Ma On Shan Mine – operated from 1906
Lin Ma Hang Mine – main vein discovered  1915 but earlier workings date back to the 19th century

Tunnel CEDD 2015 Foreword

The photo shown on the Home Page is of the first Beacon Hill tunnel of the Kowloon and Canton Railway (KCR).

This article was first posted on 7th May 2015.

See: Catalogue of Hong Kong Tunnels (up to February 2015)

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