Andrew Wood biography – involvement in the repair of Hok Un power station at the end of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong

Graham Wood has compiled this brief biography of his father Andrew Wood, who was involved in repairing Hok Un Power Station in Hong Kong at the end of the Japanese occupation during World War Two. Images and information about this can be seen in our article, Hok Un Power Station, post World War Two images, linked below.

All the images below have kindly been sent by Graham and were taken during his father’s time in Hong Kong.

Andrew Wood 1919 – 2000

Raised in Aberdeen. Left school at 14. Worked for a while as a messenger boy for a jeweller in Aberdeen. Then apprenticed to John M. Henderson & Co. Ltd of Aberdeen a heavy engineering company making furnaces, steam derricks and quarry machinery, primarily cableways and Blondins. Studied engineering night school at Robert Gordons Aberdeen.

Called up into the RAF late 1940 or early 1941. After an initial stint servicing training aircraft, transferred to airfield maintenance with a particular focus on power supply provision for airfields and barracks facilities. Served in east of England and then for a while in the Faroe Islands.

Andrew Wood Image 1 In Hong Kong From Graham Wood

Andrew Wood on the right

Graham suggests the above photograph was taken at or near the Tiger Balm Garden (aka the Aw Boon Haw Garden) in Hong Kong which was demolished for redevelopment in 2004.

Attached to Tiger force and sent out to the Pacific with an expectation to create airfield facilities on Okinawa. Diverted en route to Hong Kong after the fall of Japan. With his experience of steam machinery and power generation he was assigned to the team restoring Hok Un power station (RAF No.53 RU(P) repair group).

Andrew Wood Image 2 In Hong Kong From Graham Wood

Andrew Wood on the right. Location, see image below.

Hok Un Power Station Image 6 Graham Wood

Photograph taken 16th Jan 1946 This is Hok Un power station taken from the hill behind. The block at the bottom in the centre is our billet. Graham believes the tennis court shown in the above photograph can be seen in the bottom left of this image.

RAF Officers Attend The Anniversary Celebration Of The Goddess Of Mercy Celebration On 22 March 1946 From Graham Wood

Andrew Wood is sitting 6th from the right in the front row. HF: I would be grateful for any information about the Hak Lung Kong Boiler Makers Association.

After demob returned to Hendersons, completed serving his time and then in the early 50s joined National Boiler Insurance Co. as an engineering inspector primarily engaged with lifting equipment. Moved to Oxford 1954 where he remained, working for the National until his retirement.

This article was first posted on 25th February 2021.

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