The Governor opens the Jubilee Dam (Shing Mun) Reservoir today, newspaper images

IDJ has kindly sent the front page of the Hongkong Telegraph Pictorial Supplement of January 1937 about the official opening of the Jubilee Dam in Hong Kong by (His Excellency) the Governor of Hong Kong.

This adds a little supplementary information to that which we already have on the Jubilee Dam, today known as the Shing Mun dam and reservoir.

The images are somewhat murky but should you be interested in their captions they are:-

top left: Some idea of the magnitude of the project can be gained from this picture of the spillway and valve tower of the main dam.

top right: Here is shown the dam stream face of the main dam, a picture which strikingly conveys some idea of the huge engineering task involved in the construction of the 3,000 million gallon reservoir.

bottom left: This picture gives an excellent impression of the dam stream face at Pineapple Pass.

bottom right: Technically known as the bell-mouth spillway, here is shown a most interesting picture taken from an unusual angle.

  1. HE The Governor Opens The Jubilee Dam Today HK Telegraph Pictorial Supplement 30th January 1937 From IDJ

Source: Hong Kong Telegraph Pictorial Supplement 30th January 1937.

This article was first posted on 31st August 2021.

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