The Shiu Wing Steel Company – the only steel rolling mill currently in HK

Newsletter 8 included a very short article on The Shiu Wing Steel company, the only steel rolling mill currently operating in Hong Kong, located at Tap Shek Kok, Tuen Mun. As of early March 2018 this claim woul appear to be still true.  The mill is capable of producing 700,000 tonnes per year of high-grade reinforcing bars for local and […]

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Po Yuen Iron Works (寶源鐵工廠)

Po Yuen Iron Works Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Po Yuen Iron Works (寶源鐵工廠) Advertisement of Po Yuen Iron Works in 1947 (區少軒等編《香港華僑團體總覽》,香港:國際新聞社,1947 年) Fok Wai-man (first from the left) and fellow Kowloon Chamber of Commerce leaders on vacation in Mui Wo (WKYP, 1962-7-22) Aside from garment factories and tobacco factory, Mongkok was also once home to a metal factory by the name of Po Yuen Iron […]

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Kin Sun Manufactory (建新織造廠) and Longfellow shirts

Kin Sun Manufactory And Longfellow Shirts Detail Image 2 York Lo

York LO: Kin Sun Manufactory (建新織造廠) and Longfellow shirts Left: Kin Sun’s ad in Singapore in 1953 warning customers about counterfeited Longfellow shirts (南洋商报, 10 April 1953, Page 7); Right: Kin Sun Manufactory in Sham Shui Po on the right. The bamboo structure was for lowering a coffin from the second floor which was common practice before the 1960s (Uwants)  […]

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Chinese Preserved Ginger shipped through HK 1913

This report is from The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia 7th April 1913. It adds information to our other articles about ginger in HK. “There has been a general increase in the export of preserved and candied ginger from China during the past few years, the United States particularly showing a growing demand for this sweetmeat. Exports during the past three […]

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Dr Ferdinand Korn, Tai Koo Sugar and a case of the ‘British disease’?

(1) “When Taikoo Sugar Refinery [began] operations… a number of expatriates  had been Germans as indeed had the general manager and former chief chemist, Dr Ferdinand Korn. The refinery’s owners, however were ‘inclined not to go in for too many Germans if we can secure really reliable Britishers’. Not that such ‘Britishers’ were without fault: ‘I am satisfied’, remarked one […]

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Great China Match Co. (大中國火柴廠)

Great China Match Company Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Great China Match Co. (大中國火柴廠) Great China Match Factory in Peng Chau in 1956 (Land Use Survey, HKU Libraries collection) Founded in 1939, the Great China Match Factory on Peng Chau was once the largest match manufacturer in Hong Kong, with over 1000 workers at its peak in the late 1940s and its “Kowloon” and other brands of […]

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Cheung Ka Chai Medicinal Wine (張家濟酒廠)

Cheung Ka Chai Medicinal Wine Detail B Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Cheung Ka Chai Medicinal Wine (張家濟酒廠) Left: Cheung Ka Chai ad in Singapore in 1947 (南洋商报, 12 February 1947, Page 3); Right: Cheung Ka Chai’s Three Goats trademark filed in 1935 (HK Government Report) Cheung Ka Chai is one of the firms not covered in the earlier article about the Chinese distilleries in HK. It is unclear as […]

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Shanghai Gas Company Ltd

Shanghai Gas Company Production Works Odffices And Laboratories. 002

Melanie Li, Manager – Corporate and Community History at the Hong Kong Heritage Project (HKHP), has kindly given permission for the following script archived at HKHP to be used on our website. HF: Thanks to IDJ for image separation and enhancement, and for supplying their captions.   The Shanghai Gas Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Gas) was formed in 1865 to provide […]

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Ting Fung Iron Works (鼎豐鐵工廠)

Ting Fung Iron Works Detail B Image 1

York Lo: Ting Fung Iron Works (鼎豐鐵工廠) Ting Fung owner Fu Chuen-sang (centre) with his assistant Fung Man-biu (left) and head of sales Shen Sin-lai (right) heading over to West Africa. Shen Source: Wah Kiu Yat Po 1965-8-9 Founded in 1948, Ting Fung Iron Works was one of the leading enamelware manufacturers in Hong Kong. Like most of his peers, […]

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The Story of the South China Iron Works as told by Chang Don Chien 張敦潛

Antonia Cheung, the daughter of Chang Don Chien 張敦潛, chief engineer of South China Iron Works from 1948 to 1968, has written this article based on what her father told her. She was assisted by her brother Dr. King Cheung who helped with the maps. Antonia was born in Tsuen Wan, and moved into the company housing before she was 1 year old. […]

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