Zinc Oxide Factories – Shau Kei Wan and Kennedy Town, information needed

HF: Included in Tymon Mellor’s article, Manganese mining on Lamma Island, was this Temporary Mining Licence No.18 and mention of two zinc oxide factories. Kwang Wah in Shauk(e)iwan and Kin Sheng in Kennedy Town.

I would be very grateful if anyone could provide more information about, or images of, either of these companies which appear from the mining licence below to have closed down around December 1951.(1)

Temporary Mining Licence N.18 Two Zinc Oxide Factories From Tymon Mellor

This article was first posted on 1st November 2020.


  1. Temporary Mining Licence No 018 for an area at Pok Mui Chau NT Hong Kong Public Records Office 156-1-3053


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