Ying Mee and Yue Mou tea companies – information needed

HF: Can anyone supply further details about either of these Hong Kong tea companies? Or about other companies in this trade in Hong Kong?

Especially Hong Kong grown tea – see Traditional Tea Growing in the New Territories, linked below.

I am intrigued by the term”processed in HK’ in the Ying Mee advert. Does this mean just packaged or  that it was actually wilted, rolled, dried, fired, aged etc here?

Ying Mee Tea Co Hong Kong

YUE MOU Co-Tea-Hong Kong

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  • Chris young

    I believe it included drying as I have a paper box of “gun jam tea” still unopened from the same time and company. But it could just be because it is old now hard to tell but I am sure it was not fired as you would not taste the tea any more but just the taste of ash ( the box I have smells of a sweet flower aroma. Hopefully this helps I would like to know more about it myself.

  • Doug

    What era does this tea box date to?

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