The Sternwheeler Nanning 1 – built by Geo. Fenwick, Hong Kong 1900

Stephen Davies has introduced us to several ships built in Hong Kong, which were employed on HK-China, Macau-China or internal China routes, through the articles linked below.

Here is further information about one such vessel, the Nanning 1, extracted from a website suggested by Stephen:

Built for the Hong Kong, Canton & Macao Steamship Co. Delivered in 1900.

Shipyard G. Fenwick & Co – builders of both ship and engines. Yard No.99.

Ownership:- G.Fenwick & Co. 1/3 (for Hong Kong & Macao Steamship Co.), D.R.Law 1/3 (for China Navigation Co.), and Wm. Jardine 1/3 (for Jardine Matheson & Co.)

1917 Sold to the Sai Hing S.S.Co. of Hong Kong, name unchanged. The Sai Hing S.S.Co. also bought the Sainam, Kinshan and Tak Hing and maintained the Canton – Macao sevice.

1941 Owners now based in Canton.

1948 No longer registered.

Nanning One SS - line drawing image Wiki Swire


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