Clock – made at Kowloon (Whampoa) shipyard in 1920s? Information needed.

Calum Johnston: the attached photograph is of a clock my uncle brought back from Hong Kong where he worked at Whampoa dockyard in the 1920s. I first saw it as a three or four year old when I went to stay with my aunt and uncle (in Glasgow) in the 1930s. I recently started to make an effort to have the clock renovated which inspired me to try to do some research on its origins. I thought it came from Taikoo Dockyard but could find nothing and then I realized that Taikoo and Whampoa were separate in the 1920s (although not in my own time in HK (1972-74)). Then I discovered that the founder of Whampoa had been a watch maker. I remember being told that the clock had been made in the dockyard and cost a dollar but I thought it had been a sideline of some of the workers. Perhaps it was an official product. I would be grateful if you can you shed any light or add anything to the story of the clock

If you are able to offer any information about the clock please contact me:
Hugh Farmer   indhhk at gmail dot com
and I can then put you directlyn in touch with Calum.

Calum Johnston Willie's Hong Kong Clock

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