Unidentified Brickworks, (Castle Peak Ceramic Company?), Tuen Mun

Tymon Mellor: Looking at some old mapping of Tuen Mun I noted a ceramics factory in the area, see below:

This looks quite a factory as the mapping indicates rails, so I suspect it is more likely to be a brick works that is mentioned in the early alignment studies (1905) for the KCRC:
“There is one brick works in the New Territory [sic], namely that at Castle Peak which exports bricks of an inferior quality to Hong Kong; there seems to be an opening for a good brick factory.”

HF: This could well be the Castle Peak Ceramic Company which appears to have operated from 1928 until the mid 1950s in the area of Shek Pai Tau shown clearly on the first map. Can anyone confirm this?

Tuen Mun Ceramics Factory 1957 map close up overlay Tymon Mellor

1957 map – detail

Tuen Mun Ceramics Factory 1957 map Tymon Mellor

1957 map

Tuen Mun Ceramics Factory 1963 map Tymon Mellor

1963 orthophoto

Tuen Mun Ceramics Factory current map overlay Tymon Mellor 2

This article was first posted on 21st April 2015.

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