Socony-Vacuum Oil Company in HK from 1896

HF and Elizabeth Ride (ER) New information in red. The article 1941 Report – Future Control and Development of the Port Of Hong Kong mentions the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. The first Hong Kong mention I can find is about the Vacuum Oil Company  from The Hongkong Government Gazette of 23rd May 1896. Then this from the Hongkong Government Gazette of […]

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Brick Glass Cones UK – connection to Kennedy Town glass manufacturer

HF: The Indhhk article  The Hong Kong and Macao Glass Manufacturing Company Ltd in Kennedy Town contains an extract found by moddsey from the Hong Kong Daily Press of 9th Jan 1886. This mentions the Glassworks appearance including: “The western side is bounded by the glasshouse proper, a square building, from the centre of the roof of which is seen […]

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