Anderson Road Quarry – plan to develop the site to build 10,000 apartments

Anderson Road Quarry Image Detail 2010 Courtesy SCMP

York Lo left a comment below our article, Lui Che Woo – King of Hong Kong Quarries – two newspaper articles, linked below, which adds additional infomation about Lui Che-woo and Anderson Road quarry in an SCMP article. The article begins: Tycoon Lui Che-woo, a pioneer in Hong Kong’s quarrying industry who later built his wealth in the property and casino industries, […]

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Beryl Mining at Devil’s Peak, George Brewer – involvement in identifying the first specimens and deposits of beryl in Hong Kong.

WB Harris Examining Quartz Containing Beryl Tymon Mellor

HF: Our recently posted article, Beryl Mining at Devil’s Peak, brought forward a comment from Fiona Soliman which I repost here: Thank you for a fascinating article. I am currently researching my family tree, and among some of my grandfather’s documents I discovered a mini-autobiography in which he explains that, while he served in Hong Kong with the RAEC in 1952-55, […]

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Stone breaking in early 20th Century Hong Kong

HF: From our archives with thanks to IDJ for the source of information. “Stonebreakers in the early twentieth century. Granite in Hong Kong is of high quality and abundant. As a common construction material for columns, door frames and floors, the demand for granite was large. Because of its weight granite was transported by stone-boat by water from the quarry […]

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Robey & Company, Lincoln, UK – suppliers of structure and machinery at Silver Mine, Mui Wo

Robey & Company Advert 1898 Grace's Guides

Andrew Wood’s article, The Silver Mine of Silver Mine Bay, contains the following: “By 1888, Ho’s engineers had driven at least four adits – horizontal tunnels – deep into the granite… An aerial ropeway took the ore from the mine over rice fields and a hill to a smelting works near the seashore 3000 feet (900 metres) away on the north side […]

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Kwong Shan Tsuen Mine – Castle Peak

HF: Our Q+A 26 Tsing Shan Mine (Castle Peak area)? – Japanese occupation, WW2, linked below, asks about a possible mine or mines in the Castle Peak (青山) area as a British Army Aid Group (BAAG) report of 1944 mentions a “rumour” of a mine there. Tsing Shan is the name of the well-known monastery located at the eastern foot of the […]

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Beryl Mining at Devil’s Peak

“Devil’s Peak [Pau Toi Shan] is located at the north coast of Lei Yue Mun, the eastern entrance to Victoria Harbour. The economic minerals mined are wolframite and beryl. The minerals were first discovered in 1914 and mining started in May, 1957. Devil’s Peak Beryl Mine, with an area of 360 acres, was operated by Far East Prospecting and Development […]

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Industrial Districts – Tsing Yi Island

This article is the result of several people’s research into industrial development and other related topics on Tsing Yi Island. Tsing Yi Island (青衣島) has an area of 10.69 km². The island has been extended drastically by reclamation along almost all its natural shore and the annexation of Nga Ting Chau (牙鷹洲) and Chau Tsai.  Three major bays or harbours, Tsing Yi Lagoon, Mun Tsai […]

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