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Paint Swire Paint Manufacturing C Image Dulux And Duro Mentions Tsing Yi Plant From IDJ

IDJ has sent the following, undated, brief account of Swire Duro Ltd:

“Swire Duro Limited was for many years known in Hong Kong for its decorative and industrial coatings. However, while it continues to manufacture paint at its purpose-built factory on Tsing Yi Island, the bulk of its output now goes to the joint venture company, ICI Swire Paints Limited, to which Swire Duro passed its brands and marketing operations in 1990.

In 1991, an agreement was entered into with ICI Plc and the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Development Corporation for the formation of ICI Swire Paints (China) Limited, in which Swire Duro has a 36% interest. This company is to construct and subsequently operate a paint manufacturing plant at Guanghzou.

Swire Chemsyn Limited operates as the company’s textile chemicals division, manufacturing a full range of chemical products for sale to the textile industry under licence from Sequa Chemicals of the United States. In a joint venture with Sun DIC, the largest manufacturer of inks in the United States, Swire Duro Limited manufactures and markets a range of high-performance inks both in Hong Kong and China.

The company’s fabrication division has a sizeable department serving Hong Kong’s construction industry by supplying and installing marble and concrete, imported primarily from Italy and used extensively in in Hong Kong’s foremost buildings.”

Paint Swire-plant-at-Tsing-Yi-early-1970s from IDJ

Swire’s Paint plant, Tsing Yi Island, early 1970s Courtesy: IDJ


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