The National Lacquer and Paint Products Co Ltd

HF: “Camel” Paints and Lacquers are manufactured by The National Lacquer & Paint Products Co. Ltd, founded by two Chinese returning from the US Zhen Bing Jun and Huang Wei Xian in 1932. The company used “Camel Paint” as its trademark and in the beginning manufactured only enamel paint, lacquer, paste paint and spray paint.

Later in 1937, The National Lacquer & Paint Products Co. Ltd purchased the land-plot near King’s Road at North Point from the government for expansion.

Early founders of Hong Kong’s paint manufacturers came from a professional chemistry background. They processed the knowledge of production technique.  NLPP’s founder Huang Yang Yin practiced in a paint manufacturer in US. (1)

See below link for more pictures and details.

The Company was established in 1932 with the factory shown in this advert and photos being in North Point.

National Lacquer and Paint Products 1941 advert HK Memory Project

1941 advert Courtesy: HK Memory Project


1946 Courtesy of Camelpaint


1949 Courtesy of IDJ

The company is now registered at 6/F, Camel Paints Centre 1, Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong.


  1. HK Memory Project 

This article was first posted on 23rd November 2015.

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  • York Lo

    The English names of the founders of Camelpaint should be Alfonso J. Ben (aka Yan Ben-Kwan 甄秉鈞, 1898- 1972) and the firm’s chief engineer Harry J. Lowe (黃仰賢 Huang Yang-yin, died in 1952). Huang Wei Xian (黃偉賢) listed by HK Memory is likely a typo of 黃仰賢. Ben, Lowe and the 5 other “fellow townsmen” listed are all from Toishan in Guangdong province, the home of many overseas Chinese in the Americas. (Ben had lived in Mexico while Lowe in the United States)

    See below link for more pictures and details.

  • Anna Lowe

    I am Anna Marie Lowe, Granddaughter of Huang Yang-yin. He never lived in the United States. My Father Huang Chu-chi did. My grandmother Mary Cang also did as well. I met Alfonso Ben a few times as a child. Please communicate with me if you will.

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