The Rubber Industry in Hong Kong – several manufacturing companies – adverts and factory image

HF: The manufacturing of rubber products was one of Hong Kong’s six leading industries in the late 1950s. However, the industry emerged well before the World War II.

This an initial article about the industry and rubber companies in Hong Kong. As further information comes in about the individual companies or products, eg rubber footware, torches, swimming/diving equipment, rubber bands, separate articles will be posted.

Canton Brothers Rubber Company (1935) Ltd. Sham Shui Po

Rubber Canton Brothers Rubber Co. (1935) Ltd

1941 Courtesy: HKU Libraries

Continental Rubber Manufacturing Ltd

This is an advertisement of Continental Rubber Factory Ltd. published in the Pictorial Record of the 7th Exhibition of Chinese Products”, promoting the products of the company and the its exhibition booth in the venue. This factory was established in 1938, at Winslow Street, Hung Hom and a sale office on Des Voeux Road. The factory produced rubber shoes, sores, bicycle tires, No.18 electric wire of rubber cover, etc. Its products were attached with a trademark of rubber leaf, exported to British territories in Africa, India and Southeast Asia. During war time the factory had produced military belts, sports shoes, masks and other rubber parts. During Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, the products were confiscated. (1)

Rubber Continental Rubber Manufactory HK 1950-1 HK Memory

Courtesy: HKMemory Project – The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association

Source of this image: The Chinese Manufacturers’ Union, Pictorial Record of the 8th Exhibition of Chinese Products, Hong Kong: The Chinese Manufacturers’ Union, 1950-1951, after “List of Exhibitors”.

Fung Keong Rubber Manufactory Company

Fung Keong Rubber Manufactory Co. was founded in 1925 by a Nanyang Chinese Mr. Fung Keong to manufacture and sell rubber shoes and rubber products.

IDJ has sent the following image. Fung Keong is printed on the tyre. Can someone tell us a little more about what this image says?


Fung Keong Rubber Mfy Co Ltd-1963 advert IDJ

Fung Keong Rubber Mfy Co Ltd 1963 advert Courtesy: IDJ

Hongkong Rubber Factory (name used for pre-WW2 company during the Japanese occupation?)

Elizabeth Ride: BAAG Report – Kweilin Weekly Intelligence Summary #66, 15.9.1944.

Hongkong Rubber Factory ER Kweilin Weekly Intelligence Summary #66, 15.9.1944.

Leung Hin Lee Rubber Factory

Elizabeth Ride: BAAG Report – Kweilin Weekly Intelligence Summary #66, 15.9.1944.

Leung Hing Lee Rubber Factory Kwelin Weekly Intelliugende Summary #66 15.9.1944

Tai Hang Rubber Factory Sham Shui Po

Rubber Tai Hang Rubber company advert 1941

1941 Courtesy: HKU Libraries

Tai Hing Rubber Manufactory (different from Tai Hang Rubber Factory?)

Elizabeth Ride: BAAG Report – Kweilin Weekly Intelligence Summary #66, 15.9.1944.

Tai Hing Rubber Manufactory ER Kweilin Weekly Intelligence Summary #66, 15.9.1944.

Tat Hwa Rubber Factory Ltd

In 1952, LT Lam established Advance Plastic Factory in Tai Kok Tsui in collaboration with a Mr. Chan and a Mr. Fan. Mr. Chan was originally a rubber merchant, and had known Mr. Fan from early on. He then gained interest in plastic business, and got involved in transhipping plastic products to Macau during the Korea War. It was during the War when he met Mr. Fan. Mr. Chan opened Cheung Kee Hong on Queen’s Road Central as well as Tat Hwa Rubber Factory Ltd to produce rubber products. (1)

See: Indhhk article Lam Leung-tim below

Rubber Factory Images

This image from 1952 has been sent in by IDJ. Which factory is it?

Rubber Footware IDJ Wellie-production-Hong Kong-1952

This article was first posted on 17th January 2015.


  1.  The HK Memory Project

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  • It is interesting to see the evolution in a different market than the one I am more familiar with. It is incredible the way rubber has changed manufacturing throughout the entire world.

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