V K Song & Co 1955 first HK waterproof rubber flashlight



A waterproof rubber flashlight

Illustrated above is an all-purpose, industrial flashlight, the latest product from the factory of V K Song & Co., Ma Hang Chung Road, Kowloon.

The flashlight itself is of seamless aluminium, completely sheaved in a strong easy-to-grip, seamless rubber jacket rendering it absolutely watertight (a British patent has been applied for this feature). Besides being waterproof, the flashlight is waterproof, shockproof and, with its plastic lens, is also drop-proof. It is pre-focussing and in addition, is fitted with a see-saw switch.

Although primarily intended for industrial use, the many other possibilities of the flashlight are obvious. It is claimed to be especially suitable for the very popular pastime of underwater fishing, a senior member of the firm producing it having himself used it for this purpose with great success.

The makers point out that the principle of the rubber-sheathed flashlight is not new. They have, however, introduced improvements to the generally accepted pattern (eg the one piece rubber case) and can, of course, claim the distinction of being first on the Hong Kong industrial scene with a flashlight of this particular type.

Worthy of note by those interested in Hong Kong flashlights is that another factory, the Cheong Wah Rubber Factory, 107, Sai Yeung Choi Street, Kowloon, has also developed an all-purpose rubber torch incorporating certain features very similar to those detailed above.

Source: Commerce and Industry Department,”Product of the Month – A waterproof rubber flashlight”, Trade Bulletin, Hong Kong: Commerce and Industry Department (August 1955), p.9. Courtesy: The HK Memory Project.

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