Royal Asiatic Society lecture – Hong Kong’s Lighthouses and the Men Who Manned Them – Dr. Stephen Davies

Dr. Stephen Davies, a regular contributor to our website, will be giving a lecture on Hong Kong’s Lighthouses and the Men Who Manned Them. 

This will be presented by the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch, on Friday 7th October 2016. Details provided below.

“…in this talk we shall look at the fuller story of how Hong Kong’s waters were gradually made safer for navigation, including the lesser lights on the beacons and buoys, the cannon, foghorns, bells and whistles, and at Hong Kong’s time ball, once a vital help to navigational accuracy. On the way we shall note, with sadness, the aids that once existed but have been absorbed by reclamations, destroyed by war, or demolished through sheer ignorance and stupidity, whilst marking any remains that still exist to remind us of the too easily forgotten past. And we’ll look at some of the quirkier stories – not least the whodunnit of Waglan Island’s chicken eating, swimming python…”

See: RASHKB – Hong Kong’s lighthouses…Stephen Davies’ lecture

Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch website Anyone with an interest in the history, art, literature and culture of China and Asia, with special reference to Hong Kong, will enjoy membership of the RASHK which is generally regarded as the leading society for the study of Hong Kong and South China. Dating back over 150 years, our Society is today a very active body, organizing varied visits, talks, seminars and more.

The image shown on the Home page of this article is of Fan Lau lighthouse.

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