Tathong Lighthouse – during and post-WW2

HF: “The light is situated at Lam Tong Mei, a small rocky peninsula at the extreme southern tip of Tung Lung Island. It was constructed by the Japanese during their occupation of Hong Kong, from 1941 to 1945. It was originally used as a gun emplacement to protect the south-eastern approaches to Victoria Harbour.

It is built of concrete and the walls and roof are about one metre thick. The chamber which housed the gun consists of a rectangular room, about 40 square meters in area, with a semi-circular bow front in which the wide-angle embrasure for the gun was formed.

In 1965 the gun emplacement was converted into an engine room for the Marine Department’s Tathong Point Lighthouse.

[The] Lighthouse was originally manned by two technicians and was the last Hong Kong lighthouse to remain manned during the transformation to automation.”(1)

Tathong Lighthouse 1990s HK Memory Courtesy AMO

Tathong Light 1990s Courtesy: AMO

Tathong Light painted white cliffs 1990s HK Memory Courtesy AMO

Tathong Point and lower cliffs painted white 1990s Courtesy: AMO


  1. HK Memory Project – Tathong Point Lighthouse

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