Rescue tug HMS St. Sampson, Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock built

HF: While on holiday at Christmas in Hong Kong, I visited the Maritime Museum. I came across information about Saint Class Rescue Tugs which I had never heard of before.

Here’s one built in Hong Kong:

HMS St. Sampson was a saint class tug launched in 1919. The ship was ordered during World War 1 and was built by Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock.  St Sampson was a tug boat specializing in rescue operations in hazardous waters. She was delivered to the Hong Kong Naval Yard in January 1920, after the war had ended. As a result, she was not put in commission and was offered on sale in 1921. She was at first sold to Wheelock and Company, but they defaulted on payment, and was later sold to another company.

By 1941, she was made part of the Hong Kong Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, and was present during the Battle of Hong Kong.

She survived the battle, and in March 1942 participated in the rescue operations of MV Georgic in the Red Sea. She was damaged in the process and on 7 March she foundered, and her crew was picked up by the hospital ship Dorsetshire.

HMS St Sampson Rescue Tug, Shanghai 1937 Wikipedia

The tug to the left of USS Chaument is either St Sampson or her sister ship St Dominic, Shanghai 1937 Courtesy: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

This article was first posted on 11th March 2023.

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