Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company, founded 1904 – initial notes

HF: This article was updated on 14th August 2019 with information and cigarette packet images sent by Dheeraj Khiytani, see below.

Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company was founded in 1904. At least in Hong Kong.  This undated postcard, sent by IDJ, would appear to show its Hong Kong factory shortly after. I am presuming the white building on the right is not part of the works until corrected.

Nanyang Brothers Tobacco, undated postcard of factory flikr IDJ

Adapted: “Nanyang Brothers Tobacco (short for “NBT”) is the largest cigarette manufacturer in Hong Kong. Its main brand is “Double Happiness”. The company has a history of more than 100 years. Currently, “Double Happiness” is one of the most valuable trademarks in the tobacco industry.
The production base of NBT is located in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. NBT owns advanced manufacturing techniques, and its process of production is completely under computer control and management in order to guarantee the quality of products. The products of NBT are not only sold in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, but also to Singapore, Thailand and Korea and elsewhere.
In 2011, its sales revenue and net profit reached 2,473 million HK dollars and 610 million HK dollars respectively.”(1)

The company is currently owned by Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Co Ltd.

Dheeraj Khiytani, was in touch in August 2019: I’m a native of Hong Kong, born and bred with an interest in tobacciana. Specifically I have been collecting early US or English cigarette packs for a number of years.

I have a pack that I bought recently from auction. I actually purchased this lot because I saw another article on Nanyang Bros Tobacco Co. on your website. I had no idea they were based in HK at the turn of the century so I had to have them. Please find attached pictures of the back and front of this pack. The words Whuoping actually stand for ‘peace’ in Cantonese so that is why you see the characters shaking hands. I think it is really neat and I have you to thank as I would not have bid for this if I had not known the company was from HK.

Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Whuoping Ciggy Packet Back From Dheeraj Khiytani

Back of pack

Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Whuoping Ciggy Packet Front From Dheeraj Khiytani

Front of pack


  1. The Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Co Ltd website

This article was first posted on 4th February 2016.

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    I want double happiness ciggarate


    We are a volunteer organisation in Australia that deals with Rubbish that is washed onto our beaches.
    We have recently found a number of the cigarette containers washed up.
    They are toxic to marine life.
    Please just be aware of your product being disposed of to prevent fish marine death. THANK YOU

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