British-American Tobacco Company (HK) Ltd – established 1903 – initial notes

HF: British American Tobacco’s operations were established in Hong Kong in 1903 when the American Cigarette Company Limited was incorporated to serve as British American Tobacco’s manufacturing arm in China.

In 1919, British-American Tobacco Company (China) Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong to oversee all British American Tobacco’s Chinese operations.

BAAG Kweilin Weekly Intelligenc Summary #66, 15.9.1944
[The BAT] now called H.K. Tobacco Co. of H.K. Governor’s Dept. Over 700 workers employed. Tuesday and Friday are the days for rationing cigarettes to the dealers. Owing to shortage of tobacco leaves work stopped on 18 JUN 44 and simultaneously supplies to dealers. Rationing started again on 27 JUN 4 times a month on Fridays. Due to shortage of electric power machines work every second day only. From 1 JUL manpower instead of electricity had to be used for all kinds of work.

BAT (HK) cigarette advert date unknown

BAT (HK) cigarette advert date unknown “Care Killers that Cure Chronic Cantankerouseness”… indeed sir!

The Company was renamed British-American Tobacco Company (Hong Kong) Limited in 1951.

British American Tobacco Factory + Office 1961 snipped fom Gwulo

BAT Factory and Offices in Hong Kong, 1961 Courtesy:

Since 1999, the primary activities in Hong Kong have been sales, marketing, and general corporate services. About 50 full-time staff are employed at British American Tobacco (Hong Kong).

British-American Tobacco Company (Hong Kong) Limited is currently part of the British American Tobacco Group.

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