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IDJ has sent the article below, published in Flight International (1) of 22nd February 1968. This provides additional information to our already posted piece on the  airline Lloyd International Airways Ltd, posted in December 2017, linked below.

IDJ says the CAB mentioned in the extracts below is the Civil Aeronautics Board an agency of the federal government of the United States, formed in 1938 and abolished in 1985, that regulated aviation services including scheduled passenger airline service and provided air accident investigation. The agency headquarters were in Washington, D.C.(2)

Thanks to SCT for proof reading the article extracts below.

The article begins,”Light is thrown both on the workings of the US Civil Aeronautics Board and on the structure on one British independent charter airline by the CAB’s published decision of its hearing of the airline’s application last year for a US foreign air carrier permit. The airline is Lloyd International Airways, which was applying for authority to operate charters (including split charters) and freight charters between the UK and USA.”

and includes, “A summary of the evidence to the CAB follows. Lloyd International is a British company with a share capital of 200,000 £1 shares, of which £100,000 were issued and outstanding. Of these shares, 99,999 are held by Aviation Management Ltd, a company incorporated and based in Hong Kong, and one share is held by J. Ortiz-Patino, as nominee for that company. The ownership of the share capital of Aviation Management is divided as follows:-

British citizens: John L. Marden 200,000 shares
Peter O. Scales 150,000 shares
Nicholas F. Mavroieon 250,000 shares
Alistair L. Macleod 100,000 shares

Bolivian citizen: Jaime Ortiz-Patino 50,000 shares

Liechtenstein citizen: Atrato Establishment: 250,000 shares

The shares held by Mr Marden and Mr Scales are as nominees of Wheelock Marden and Co Ltd. a Hong Kong company with large shipping, insurance and other commercial interests. Messrs Ortiz-Patino, Mavroleon and Macleod, directors of Lloyd International, are 40, 20 and 5 per cent shareholders respectively in the Far East Aviation Co Ltd, a holding company which owns Lloyd International Airways (Hong Kong) Ltd, an air carrier with occasional operations in the Far East.”

LLoyd International Article Flight International 22 Feb Xxxx From IDJ

LLoyd International Article Flight International Brittania Plane At KI TAK 31 Oct 1968 From IDJ


  1. Flight International Wikipedia Flight International is a weekly magazine focused on aerospace, published in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1909 as “A Journal devoted to the Interests, Practice, and Progress of Aerial Locomotion and Transport”, it is the world’s oldest continuously published aviation news magazine.
  2. Civil Aeronautics Board

This article was first posted on 30th April 2019.

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