Lee Tai Textile Company Limited (联泰纱厂有限公司)

Carles Brasó Broggi includes a brief mention of this company in his article, Shanghai Spinners: Pioneers of Hong Kong’s industrialization, 1947-1955, linked below.
“… a small company, Lee Tai Textile Company Limited (联泰纱厂有限公司) also started to operate in August 1948 with 5,000 spindles in Shatin. The company was founded by T. C. Ying (Ying Dingcheng) a Shanghai spinner from the region of Ningbo.”

Ming Ho added this comment, “My grandfather, who also immigrated to HK from Shanghai, was involved in Lea Tai Textile (here noted as “Lee Tai”), alongside Kenneth Fang of Fang Brothers Knitting. Neither are named here, but do you know anything further about the development of this company? It still exists today, but I know little about it. Would be interested to learn more. Thanks.

Carles added, “I’ve checked “40 years of Hong Kong Spinning Industry” and there is some information about Lea Tai: It started in 1948 with 5,040 spindles and in 1973 had 31,248 spindles and 544 looms.”

This 1963 advert comes courtesy of IDJ:

Lea Tai Textile Co Ltd-1963 advert IDJ

Carles continues, “After some difficulties in 1978, the factory was moved from Sha Tin to Fo Tan and had to curtail production. The company was run by Fang Shao-chow (that may be Kenneth Fang) and produced the brands pine&bamboo and pine&crane.”

HF:  This reference from 1992/93 (2) links Fang Brothers Textiles Ltd, Lea Tai Textile Company and Fang Shao Chow.

Fang Brothers Textiles Ltd snipped fom Major Companies of Far East..etc 92.93 Jack Carr

This article was first posted on 15th June 2015.


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