Indo-China Steam Navigation Company steamer, Loong Sang, sunk in Hong Kong harbour during a typhoon, 1923

Dheeraj Khiytani has kindly sent this dinner menu from the Indo-China Steam Navigation Company ship Loong Sang, dated October 1901, which he recently purchased.

Loong Sang Dinner Menu Oct 1901 From Dheeraj Khiytani

A brief history of the Loong Sang.

The Loong Sang was built in 1896 by William Gray and Company of Central Marine Engineering Works, West Hartlepool, UK, which was was a shipbuilding firm from 1874 to 1963.

From 1896 to 1898 it was known as the SS Ebani and was owned by Elder Dempster Lines Ltd. – African Steamship Co, Liverpool, UK.

From 1898 to its sinking in 1923 it was owned by the Indo China Steam Navigation Company, a subsidiary of Jardine Matheson & Co., London.

The Loong Sang (Loongsang) sank off the Osaka Shosen Kaisha Wharf with heavy loss of life during a typhoon on the 18th August 1923.

CAPTION on photograph below:
S.S. Loong Sang just after she sank.  S.S. Empress of Australia riding out the typhoon in view & powerless to do anything to help.  Just as this was taken the French mail S.S. André Lebon had broken cables & was drifting down on the Empress but luckily missed & went straight out to sea. (1)

Loong Sang Photo Sunk During Typhoon From Historical Photos Of China Copyright Rosemary Delnavine

Photograph Collection: by Francis Davidson. Copyright Rosemary Delnavine. Image courtesy of Historical Photographs of China, University of Bristol (


  1. Historical Photographs of China, University of Bristol (


  1. William Gray & Company shipyard

This article was first posted on 16th June 2021.

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