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The Indo-China Steam Navigation Company, Limited (ICSNC), was established in 1873 as a subsidiary of Hong Kong based Jardine, Matheson & Co., one of the largest trading companies in the Far East at that time.

HF: I thought it might be useful to have an article about employees of the ICSNC., similar to the one we have about Asiatic Petroleum which currently includes about eight employees of that company.

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To get things moving, Peter Ballantyne has left two comments about the company which I reproduce here.

Peter Ballantyne left this comment on 14th December 2018: Very interested to see this photo of the ship model of ss HINSANG. I printed up a long illustrated history of the many ships of Indo-China S N Co and the London Office has a copy, probably filed away somewhere now. I had never located any information about this particular ship which had such a short life. It seems quite an interesting layout for the Borneo run and with a lot of accommodation provided. Not sure but I think there may have been a sister ship also. In the 1960s I sailed as a deck officer on another later ss HINSANG which was essentially a log carrier.

The Indo-China Steam Navigation Company’s Hinsang, built 1941 by HK & Whampoa Dock

Hinsang Model Of The Ship, Now Displayed In Jardine's London Office Stephen Kentwell

Model of the Hinsang, displayed in Jardine’s London Office Courtesy: Stephen Kentwell

This model of the HINSANG is currently kept in Jardine’s London office and was made by Mr. H.N. Hardie while interned in Stanley Camp (Hong Kong) between 1942 and 1945.

HF: I wonder if Mr Hardie himself worked for ICSNC?

Peter Ballantyne left this comment on 30th June 2020: As a young man I sailed on many of these ships = ss Hinsang, Eastern Saga/Moon/Queen/Argosy. Best for me was Eastern Queen with 50 passengers on regular Australia-Japan service, ss Hinsang was a novel experience for 5 months in 1964 on HK – Borneo logging run.

Selby, Thomas: Robin Selby has sent information about his great-uncle Thomas Selby (1866-1937) during his time working for The Indo-China Steam Navigation Company Ltd (ICSNC) which had been established in 1873 as a subsidiary of Hong Kong based Jardine, Matheson & Co. Thomas worked for ICSNC from 1895 to 1908 when he was granted 12 months home leave and appears not to have returned.

The image below, kindly sent by Robin Selby is of Thomas Selby during his time as mate on the Cutty Sark.

For further information about Thomas Selby please see these articles:

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This article was first posted on 23rd July 2020.

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