Index updated – including Ng Jim Kai, Chevalier R Pescio, Jimmy Heung, Frank Gardner, Peter Woo…

Hugh Farmer: The Index has been updated.

If you would like to add to existing articles please add a comment.

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A number of personalities have been added to the index  in the last month including those mentioned in the article title.

Ng Jim Kai new portrait

Ng Jim Kai

Peter Woo at his electronic parts shop in 646 Nathan Road, 1949

Peter Woo

Jimmy Heung- SCMP image

Jimmy Heung




Subjects include:

Tai Koo Sugar Refinery Aerial Ropeway

The Electronics Industry of HK 1959-1969

Holga Cameras – made in HK information needed

Submarine built in HK

Nan Fung Textiles

The Shing Mun Dam and Reservoir

The Asiatic Petroleum Company in Shanghai

Thomas William Kinder 1817-1880, Master of the HK Mint

Lei Yue Mun Quarry – contemporary photographs

The decline of Hawker’s Markets in HK


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