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Hugh Farmer

Articles posted in the last month include:

Kwong Sang Hong Ltd – first HK cosmetics brand – vision of angels in Central?

Kwong Sang Hong Ltd 1932 snipped HK Memory

Hong Kong trading agents 1953 – nearly 60 companies

Utoomal & Assudamal Co-agent-advert-1953

Richard Charles Lee – involvement in HK & China Gas, HK Tube and Metal Products (Peng Chau) and many other companies…

Richard Charles Lee, photo as a young boy with his father extracted from the Life & Times of RCL

The luxurious junk Cheng Ho, Ah King shipyard built, Standard Oil connection…

Cheng Ho off Ah Kings yard Causeway Bay

Kokoki Butai – Hong Kong Japanese Army Marine Unit during the occupation, WW2

Japanese Flag Hong Kong

South China Iron Works – violent communist/nationalist clashes 1956

South China Iron Works newpaper snipped

Rikukawa Sono Engineering Works, 1944

KWIZ #76 24.11.44 Rikukawa Sono (Song) Engineering Works

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